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An Aura Photography reading helps you gain clarity and insight into your overall well-being. An Aura Photography reports will highlight the energies that exist within your body, pointing out what is going well and what need might need attention.

What Is An Aura?

As science has proven, people are made up of energy. These invisible forces exist as a field that projects around our bodies. These auras can be seen by some intuitive people but is a mystery to those who can’t naturally see the energies surrounding them. Until now.

Today, we have technology that can capture that field of energy and project it onto a photograph using color to translate the energy into something we can understand.

How Does an Aura Photography Reading Work?

The photography will uncover the energies that naturally exist around your body. It does this by displaying specific colors that surround you (your aura) and getting those results interpreted in a report by reading the colors projected.

Every person will show up with a dominant color as well as a variety of secondary colors and hues. Each of these spectrums gives us insight into an individual. Who they are, what they need more of and what they could do without entirely.

What Do Each of the Colors Mean?

Each color of the Aura Photography reading and report represents a personality type or trait. Generally a person will vibrate within the same color range the majority of the time. Here’s what each of them mean if they show up as the dominant color in your session.

  • Deep-Red: power, strength, stamina, hard-working
  • Red: excitement, passion, energetic, competitive, entrepreneur, will
  • Orange: creativity, adventure, productivity, enjoyment
  • Orange-Yellow: logic, science, analytics, intelligence, details, structure
  • Yellow: curiosity, creativity, playfulness, entertaining, positivity, easy-going
  • Green: nature, harmony, communication, guide or leader, contentment, social
  • Deep-Green: goal-oriented, social, organization, communication, quick-minded, fast learner
  • Blue: sensitivity, compassion, generosity, peaceful, loving, helpful, nurturing
  • Indigo: clarity, strong sense of self, introverted, loving, value-oriented, artistic, calm, loyal
  • Violet: intuitive, sensual, visionary, charming, innovative, artistic, forward-thinking

Do you find this practice intriguing? We’d love to show you how it works in person. Please email us to book your Aura Photography appointment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can’t wait to enlighten and empower you with your reading.

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