Practitioners and Readers

A Higher Plane is honored to feature talented and respected practitioners and readers in our center. Our goal is to compliment your spiritual journey, focusing on healing the mind, the body, and the soul! These spiritual leaders will work out of A Higher Plane by providing a variety of services for our visitors including energy work, aura photography and readings, Spiritual guidance and mentoring, mediumship, hypnotherapy and MORE!

We encourage you to stop by during our business hours and meet these skilled individuals and find out more about them and what they do. Of course, you may contact us today and make an appointment if there is a service you need right away.

Meet Our Practitioners and Readers

Sundri McGregor and Helena Segovia

Light Heart Reiki

"With more than 15 years experience, Sundri McGregor provides intuitive and compassionate Reiki treatments to help support your state of well being."

Sundri McGregor is a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner trained in both Usui, Tibetan, and Traditional Japanese Reiki (known as Jikiden Reiki). Her Reiki journey began in childhood, with an intuitive understanding that touch held the power to bring about healing, peace, and change. She began practicing Reiki for herself and others more than fifteen years ago, and now teaches Reiki in the Central Nebraska area.

Sundri knows that what constitutes healing can be different for everyone. For some it means overcoming illness or depression, for others it can simply be finding peace or freedom from pain, freedom from addiction or negative emotional patterns, or deepening their spiritual faith. It is her goal to offer skills and support to enable others to walk their journey to healing and whatever that may be for them.  

Helena's passion for movement and dance and life experience seeking peace and healing, along with her strong intuition and joyful heart have drawn her to specialize in working with children. She spent several years teaching Yoga in schools in the Chicago area and is now offering Yoga and Reiki balancing sessions for kids in Central Nebraska.

They offer Reiki sessions, classes, and consultations as well as dual-practitioner sessions, Reiki-yoga sessions which can be an especially balanced experience for children, vibe-drum clearings, healing attunements, and Reiki-gemstone sessions. Reiki sessions are available touch-free. They are available all day Thursdays and Saturdays, and online booking is available at their website:

Reiki sessions for adults and kids priced the same, but parents and kids sessions booked back-to-back receive a $10 discount. They accept cash and all major credit and debit cards.


Light Sentinel

Michele is a conduit for beings in the higher realms of love and compassion who guide in counseling, energy clearings/healings and protection for people, pets, property, and Mother Earth. 

Michele's path is rooted in a family that is itself very gifted. Michele experiences several Spiritual gifts which have been enhanced by the studies of many healing modalities. Michele is a conduit for beings in the higher realms of love and compassion who guide in counseling, energy clearings/healings and protection for people, pets, property, and Mother Earth. 

As a medium and Gatekeeper, Michele receives messages from loved ones who have passed and is a beacon to lost souls for whom she does Spirit Rescue. 

Michele has experienced the light and the dark in many forms and wants others to know that they are not alone, nor are they as unusual as they may have thought in percieving what others do not.

Spiritual Connection Sessions

In a Spiritual Connection session Michele will contact your Spiritual Guides and Angels conveying messages and insights for clarity, inspiration, and healing. 

Energy Clearing/Healing and Trapped Emotion Release Sessions

In these sessions Michele incorporates aspects of the many healing modalities she has studied including Reiki, Silva Method, Qigong, Intentional Therapy, Theya Healing, and Crystal Healing. Clearing/balancing your energy and releasing trapped emotions assists healing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues allowing your more authentic self to be expressed. 

Property Clearing 

Balancing the energy in your home, property, workspaces to create a more tranquil and harmonious environment. Space Clearing is advantageous in selling properties and enhancing businesses.

Spirit Rescue

Rescuing spirits is a service Michele provides for the sake of the Lost Souls or Earthbound Spirits. Although this often benefits the living as well, she never charges for it. A rescue can usually be accomplished remotely, so the exact location and a little detail about the situation is all that is needed. 

Donna Anderson

Illuminated Reiki

"Reiki is beautiful, relaxing, healing energy."

Donna has spent the majority of her life in Grand Island. When she was in her 50's she started searching for a purpose in her life. She visited a psychic and was encouraged to check into healing modalities. Donna has always wanted to help people and thought this might be a good way to accomplish that. Shortly after that, she found a Reiki class and started investigating and eventually decided to attend. She recieved her Reiki 1 & 2 and then a year later finished her mastership. She feels that Reiki is beneficial in so many ways and can help people with most any issue.

Now Donna is a Reiki Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master that recently had the Holy Fire III placement. She recieved her training from Karen Harrison. Reiki is beautiful, relaxing, healing energy. She has always enjoyed and desired to assist people and this is a good way for her to do it.

Donna offers Reiki through A Higher Plane two days a month. She can be messaged on Facebook (Light Heart Reiki or Donna Huismann Anderson) or texted at 308-380-8125. Donna prefers cash or check at this time.

Sherry Schaffnitt

Psychic Medium

"Sherry is a remarkable Psychic and Medium that can connect you to loved ones, and receive messages from your personal angels and spiritual guides."

Sherry grew up in a conservative Lutheran family, and was given a solid Christian foundation on which to grow.  The rigidity of her faith made it difficult to sort out her newly discovered, God-given gift.  Within her mind, she has seen faces and heard voices for as long as she can remember – but considered it a normal event that happened to everyone.  She then discovered that this was not the case and began to explore, read, meditate and pray for guidance.

Throughout her life, she served her church faithfully by teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir and serving on various committees.  Since the discovery of her gift, her faith has strengthened and she no longer supports one denomination, but believes each person is called to a faith appropriate for their own spiritual growth.

She now continues to pray, meditate and serve - renewing her life daily to align with this calling.

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Have you been hunting for the ideal space to host your next class or provide services to your clients? A Higher Plane offers a fully equipped classroom and three beautifully furnished practitioner rooms available for rent. There are both part-time and full-time rental opportunities.

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