Practitioners and Readers

A Higher Plane is honored to feature talented and respected practitioners and readers in our center. These spiritual leaders will work out of A Higher Plane by providing a variety of services for our visitors including Reiki, animal communication and animal reiki, Aura photography and readings, Spiritual guidance and mentoring, astrology, nutrition counseling, hypnotherapy and Access Bars.

We encourage you to stop by during our business hours and meet these skilled individuals and find out more about them and what they do. Of course, you may call us today and make an appointment if there is a service you need right away.

Meet Our Practitioners and Readers

Alison Martin

Animal Soul Connection

"Create a holistic lifestyle for your companion through animal communication, energy healing and natural health care"

Alison is a animal communication and animal reiki practitioner. Say goodbye to guessing and worrying about your furry friend. Gain clarity and peace of mind by learning what your animal companion truly wants and needs. Animal communication lets your animal’s voice be heard and understood. Improve their life and deepen your relationship with an Animal Communication Session.

Animal Reiki is a simple yet powerful way of guiding animals to heal themselves. Reiki can help remove any energy blocks in an animal’s system caused by emotional, mental or physical stress and pain. Animals decide how much Reiki they want to accept and for how long. They determine where they want the energy to help them, either physically, emotionally or both. Physical touch during a Reiki session is always the animal’s choice and never forced.

Maggie Simonson

Karen Green

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Have you been hunting for the ideal space to host your next class or provide services to your clients? A Higher Plane offers a fully equipped classroom and three beautifully furnished practitioner rooms available for rent. There are both part-time and full-time rental opportunities.

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