AHP Meditates with America! July 24th, 2019 at 3 PM Collective resonance starts with YOU! ...Huh? Let me explain. We are all desiring the 'right' career/partner/house, the life we want and don't yet have, or the body/resources/items deamed 'necessary' to our success and enjoyment as we know it. This manifestation starts with you! I will let you research the Law of Attraction independently, however, as there are ideas in your reality that you desire, the best course of ACTION. Sometimes, we need to stand up and stop 'desiring' and move into HAVING. This brings us to the point at hand. Are we ready to live in a 'better' world? A world that can sustain a higher vibration? A world with people of higher resonance? In a way, this is our responsibility. Our duty to this world....

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 Blue Apatite   Blue apatite was one of the first stones gifted to me. A very dear friend of mine divined this deep blue crystal for me that was about the size of my palm. Shortly after looking into the story behind this deep ocean blue crystal I found that it is a crystal that aids the dream realm. This being a longtime particular venue of interest for me, the divination was very aligned.  When drawn to blue apatite likely you are ready for clarity in your life, to take on a new endeavor, or to tumble into the inner depths that is YOU. If blue apatite has been calling to you, it may be time for you to turn your turmoil into success. This stone can be associated with the throat chakra, relating to our ability to communicate and express ourselves accurately. Relating,...

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AHP at Hear Grand Island!

AHP at Hear Grand Island! By: Natalie Sieler   A Higher Plane will be participating in Hear Grand Island, an annual tradition of Friday night concerts and tomfoolery, by staying open until  8:00 PM and offering aura-photography and featuring special guests! Aura-photography is a specialty service offered through the store that gives you live footage of your aura. The software is chakra based so centers around seven aura colors. You will be able to watch as energies and colors come in and out of your field through a live feed. An AHP staff member will be with you to assist in interpretting the colors and what they could mean for you! At the end of your session, a photo with a short summary of your aura will be printed for you to enjoy. Check our Facebook or Meetup profiles for...

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A Higher Plane Reads Angels in the OR

   Current Read for AHP's Book Club! Angels in the OR by Tricia Barker A life-altering car accident, an act of unforgettable violence...One woman’s courageous story. A Higher Plane hosts a book club that meets every other week on Mondays at 6 pm. This group chooses different spiritual or metaphysical books to read as a group and discuss. Sommer is the leader of this group and gathers information or handouts to compliment the discussion and to utilize while coordinate the dialogue. The current read, Angels in the OR by Tricia Baker, is about Tricia's spiritual journey. After surviving a near death experience, she shares her experiences and struggles while navigating daily life, learning to walk again, and healing wounds both new and old. The first meeting for this particular...

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