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Our mission is to provide a fun, open environment for like-minded individuals that are seeking to expand their consciousness and become empowered in their everyday life. The center and retail store will offer classes, programs, and services to support their journey. 

Connecting like minded people

Meet the Boss Lady

My journey into the ownership of A Higher Plane takes a two-fold course. When I started diving deep into spirituality I took a class for people writing books. I was continually encouraged that we start from wherever we are at. It was through this experience that I realized that I needed to start this journey from scratch and that it may not look as traditional stories do.

The other half of my story takes root in recovery. In a recovery center class we worked through speed writing our ideal goals and intentions. I felt I had written my soul's contract that day, notes as simple from 'buying a car,' to 'I want to heal people and I want to work with inspirational people and guides.' It has been fun revisiting this letter at different points on my path and realizing how much I have achieved and that which I am still looking forward to (meeting Oprah for example).

Back to the story, I was looking for work again in the airlines, which is my basis, but that no longer felt completely aligned. It soon became clear that I was meant to open a healing center to hold space for others in whatever place they found themselves on their spiritual journey. I desired this for myself as well as I have a desire for the spiritual community and resources.

The next adventure was molding the space and coming up with a name. This started through trying to help my relationship with my family and concentrating on my vibration (from suggestion from spiritual text I was reading at the time). Aligned experiences continued to permeate my reality, including the insistent suggestion from Facebook that I join a Near Death Experience group, which I eventually did and experienced (and continue to experience) amazing, eye-opening Facebook threads.

Through this juncture I was aligned with a woman that offered me a free angel reading. Her angel indicated that I had three angels in my life, one indicating that he had been with me since I "signed a contract for love that would take me to higher planes." This triggered a fond memory of signing a marriage contract with my husband who spends his professional time in 'higher planes' as a pilot which relates as well to the story of how we met through the airlines, but that is a story for another time. These instances, along with a constant lifetime (and perhaps beyond this life) close relation to wings, angels, and aviation brought the name to fruition!

A Higher Plane then made its grand opening in October, 2018 in Grand Island, Nebraska! I have been watching this space transform and grow into a lovely healing community, and I am excited to watch as it continues to be molded by the needs of the spiritual community.

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